SeeMore Door Viewer

Your door viewer is your first line of defense in home security. What good is the most sophisticated alarm system if you let the wrong person into your home?

Most door viewers give you an eye-to-eye look at the person ringing your doorbell or knocking on your door. However, in many cases you are not looking at all the people on your porch. A friendly face is no assurance trouble is not lurking – it could be close at hand.

More and more people are discovering too late that many crooks travel in pairs. And getting you to open the door is easier than breaking in. They stay in control of you instead of you getting control of them. This is why one with a friendly face will try to make you think he is the only one at the door when the man with the weapon will be crouched below. GET THE SeeMoretm DOOR VIEWER – DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!

Some wide angle viewers let you see a bit more. So, some people run down to the hardware store to pick up a wide angle door viewer and they feel confident because they can see more. The problem is they have the illusion they can see everything. Look again at the picture with the wide angle view – trouble could still be lurking nearby. You don’t want to be caught off-guard in this situation.

The SeeMoretm Door Viewer is not like anything you can buy in the store. It has a full 290 degree view range but you would swear it is 360 because you can even see your door mat! This is important because it means you will know when someone is crouching at your door. This time, you will know when the smiling face is just an illusion and trouble is close at hand.

So, you say you have a bunch of windows around your door. This is all well and good if you don’t mind the salesman, the crooks or even the whole world walking by knowing you are home. The SeeMoretm Door Viewer gives you the privacy you want – you can see out; nobody can see in and nobody has to know you are home. This is a good benefit when crime is involved – instead of the crook controlling you, you are at the advantage, able to watch them and you will have more time to call the police than if you made your presence known. USE THE SeeMoretm Door Viewer AS YOUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST CRIME AND INVASION OF PRIVACY.

Lastly, another benefit of the SeeMoretm Door Viewer is it is also handy because you can tell when a child is at your door whom you would not see otherwise. So, for privacy, safety and convenience, the SeeMoretm Door Viewer is hands-down, the best door peep on the market.

The SeeMoretm Door Viewer fits doors 1 1/4 inches to 2 1/8 inches thick.

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